Our Metal Pipe & Profile Processing Solutions

Metal pipes and profiles are used as indispensable raw materials for production processes in many fields and sectors.

  • Pipes and profiles are turned into final products by various production methods such as laser, punch, rolling, bending, and machining; it is actively used in many sectors such as automotive, white goods, defense industry, shelf systems, energy generation systems, electricity, and panels.
  • Our pipe and profile punching machines operate with cutting, punching dies, saws, and production-specific systems designed to produce your designed products from metal materials ready for mass production ( steel, aluminum, etc. ).
  • These machines can be designed in 3 different ways as fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.
  • Our machines contain high security.
  • Cutting and drilling of the designed profiles are carried out in accordance with the designed geometry, in the desired tolerance, and with high precision-driven systems.
  • We can always offer you unique solution methods for your production and requirements.
  • In this context, we are a company that can design, produce, and provides turnkey service for many processes such as geometry definition and geometry tolerance inquiry, welding surface, location determination, product sizing, flow drill (friction drill), thread tapping, automatic loading, automatic unloading, stacking integrated systems.


Tube and Profile Punching Machines

Technicial Specifications

1) C Type eccentric press with air clutch
    a) Inverter (speed control unit)
    b) Maximum 60/rpm speed
    c) 6 Rams
    d) 2 pieces of ram balancing pistons
    e) Ratchet system regulating adjustment
     f) Fixed Course System
     g) Gear system operating in the liquid oil chamber
     h) Central automatic lubrication system
     i) Baked, heat treated (tempered) chassis body

2) 3000 mm profile processing capacity
3) Capable of processing 2 profiles at the same time
    The molds have 2 chambers and can process double profiles.
4) Servo driven drive system
5) Press and driver synchronous operation feature
    Thanks to the speed control unit in the press, when the speed of the number of strokes of the press is changed, the drive speed will also change automatically.

6) HMI Touch Panel (Touch control unit)
7) In-mold pneumatic punch control system
    With the in-mold pneumatic punch control, the process in each chamber can be controlled separately. In this way, the final finished product can be obtained in each cycle. It can be processed independently of the pitch of the mold. Holes with large burrs can be machined in multiple strokes with smaller suitable punches

8) Motion Control PLC
9) Servo driven hand control wheel
     It is standard equipment so that the operator can adjust and remove the in-mold thread alone. When the 01 Technology package option is purchased, this equipment will not be available.

10) Remote access technical service support
11) Scrap discharge with compressed air
12) 1 year warranty period
13) Original design with Self Declare CE Certificate and in accordance with occupational safety norms
14) User manual in PDF format