Metalworking and CNC Manufacturing is our

TWINS MFG is a supply network and sales organization that enables TWINS MFG suppliers to sell to overseas customers, especially in Europe.

Serif Sumer

We have analyzed the main economic vectors and mainstreams. It is time for positive changes. This cycle is time to reduce the costs without sacrificing quality.


Our Metal Pipe & Profile Processing Solutions

Our Metal Pipe & Profile Processing Solutions

Metal pipes and profiles are used as indispensable raw materials for production processes in many fields and sectors.
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We offer the best business solutions

Our supplier network, which consists of dozens of experienced and knowledgeable companies, has been formed as a result of in-depth market research.

We are always at your service to meet your PRODUCTION, INJECTION, COMPONENT, EQUIPMENT, READY PRODUCT needs in the business areas of Injection Molds, Machinery, Metalworking, and CNC Machinings.



Our products

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Our Services

Just Products? Of course not! Injection Mold Design and Supplier Project Follow-up Services are waiting for you.

Ready-Made Products

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 Q: Where can I find the product I am looking for in the quality I want at an affordable price, as soon as possible, without any errors?

– A: We Know It! We constantly increase our service quality by adding new companies and new products to our supply network.

Q: How can I be informed about my supplier’s production process?

– A: We follow It! We report production processes to you at the intervals you request.

• Q: How do I know the product is the quality I want?

– A: We follow It! We send the measurement reports to you on the criteria you command before shipment.

• Q: How long do I have to wait for the shipment of the product?

– A: We Know It! Just 1 week! We utilize the geographical advantage of being right next to the European countries of Turkey.

• Q: Am I having trouble communicating with the supplier?

– A: We do it for you! We speak to your supplier in their native language and report to you in English or German languages.

  Serif Sumer


CNC Machinings & Parts Manufacturing

Machine Parts & Bodies Manufacturing

Injection Molds Manufacturing

Injection Molds Design

Mold Bases / Plates & Mold Components

Hydraulic Cylinders for Molds

Sheet Metal Molds & Parts Manufacturing

Large CNC Parts & Plates Manufacturing


Working Style

Our working style is building a solid bridge between you and the qualified manufacturers, eliminating the expenses of one party to sell and the other to purchase, creating a Win-Win business relationship.

Most importantly, we free up everyone who needs the time to spend more efficiently instead of following all these purchasing and selling processes!




Let them know you’re the best

Joining the Twins MFG family will provide you with all the following advantages.
It’s like playing chess with 4 queens !


CNC Machines

Aprroximately 200 CNC Machines
are at your Service


Hundreds of CNC Machinings

Hundreds of CNC Machinings and Product variations in the manufacturing business



- Effective Communication
- Quick Bidding
- Production Process Reporting
- Perfect Export Procedures



1 Week Transportation Period

High-class specialists are ready to help you at any time!


Improve your business with the quality of service we offer you with our 20 years of experience.

The right strategy of trade is to work with the right suppliers. We know very well what you need. You just make your choice and place your order. Our standard services for every order:

Detailed production process control
Weekly production status information, accompanied by photos
Timely and effective communication
Measurement reports showing the criteria you request
Material Certificates
Export Documents

High-class specialists are ready to help you at any time!

More possibilities to improve your business!

Did we mention a lot about Products and CNC
Let’s talk a little bit about our services.
Our services that will add value to your business
both reduce your operating costs and allow you
to use your energy and time more efficiently.


- 18 Years of Experience in Field of Design, Project Management and Manufacturing,
- 2 R&D Center Establishment in Automotive Sector,
- +20 Vehicle Projects,
- +40 Components Design,
- +300 Mold Design,
- +10 R&D Project Management & Coordination.


A technical and commercial service in regard to your business relationship with your suppliers in Turkey.
All your projects that you order to your suppliers will be tracked by an independent team and will be reported to you at the intervals you request.

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