Mold Bases

In this product group, it is necessary to stop and think for a while.

If we describe the mold base production as an ordinary CNC machining, then we will be out of tolerances!

Therefore, we should explain our working style particularly to the professionals in the Injection Molding business for a better understanding.

  • We start with the correct and certified material.
  • We take the first steps by knowing that the perpendicularity, parallelism, and flatness values ​​of the plates are the basis of a quality mold.
  • We know that a mold base isn’t a product that can be produced with decimal tolerances and it is not a product to be recovered during assembly by some adjustments. We continue by all machinings in the requested tolerances according to the data.
  • We know that a simple mistake that can be occurred at any stage of production will delay the entire assembly process, we apply process control for all steps in production.
  • Before saying “we have finished”, we measure all the precise machinings on 3D CMM devices, share the reports with you and get your ideas and instructions to be sure of the work we do.
  • We prepare the necessary reports by making all the dimensional, functional, and cosmetic controls.
  • Aware that problems such as impacts, rusting, and adverse weather conditions may arise, we ship your plates in oiled, well packaged, and protected wooden crates.

Mold Bases

DE:Formaufbauten - EN:Mold bases
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