Twins Manufacturing

is a supply network and sales organization that enables TWINS MFG suppliers to sell to overseas customers, especially in Europe.

Our company, which has 20 years of export experience in the fields of Machining, CNC Production, Injection Molds, and Machinery business, knows the requests and requirements of its overseas customers very well and successfully meets these requirements via its supply network that produces quality at a reasonable price and on time.

After this summary, no matter which side of the trade you are on, let’s answer the WHY TWINS MFG question together:

– A: We Know It! We constantly increase our service quality by adding new companies and new products to our supply network.

A: We follow It! We report production processes to you at the intervals you request.

A: We follow It! We send the measurement reports to you on the criteria you command before shipment.

A: We Know It! Just 1 week! We utilize the geographical advantage of being right next to the European countries of Turkey.

A: We do it for you! We speak to your supplier in their native language and report to you in English or German languages.

Perhaps we do not even need to write that you will save all the qualified personnel, operations, travel and similar expenses that you should spend on doing these things for you, but we still want to remind you!

Most importantly, we leave you the time you need to spend more efficiently instead of following all these purchasing and job tracking processes!

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